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AWE's Pregnant and Parenting Students' Policy

Every year in Australia thousands of young women who are still at school become pregnant. At present a young woman’s chances of completing secondary school once she becomes pregnant - and makes the decision to continue the pregnancy - are very low.


Early school leaving is a major factor in shaping a set of circumstances which often spell a life of hardship and poverty for not only the young woman herself, but also her child and any other children she may have. One of the most effective ways to minimise the risk of such outcomes is to support young pregnant women and young mothers to stay connected to schooling.


AWE plans to keep an eye on developments around the country, and to provide updated information on this website about what school systems are doing to support pregnant and parenting students.


Find out more about AWE's support for pregnant and parenting young people and download What it Takes, AWE's 2010 Report giving detailed case studies of community and school-based programs for pregnant and parenting young people, an overview of effective practice and recommendations for the future.



AWE's Girls and ICT Policy - Strategic directions

The Association of Women Educators:

  • advocates to Ministers for Education to develop a girls and ICT strategy;
  • advocates to federal and state/territory Offices for Women to focus on girls/women and ICT;
  • continues to promote awareness of girls and ICT issues in Redress;
  • conducts Branch seminars to raise awareness of the girls and ICT issues;
  • conducts training sessions for women teachers to increase their skills in the use of ICT across the curriculum;
  • conducts professional development for teachers that combines ICT skills and gender equity issues;
  • seeks funding for, and conducts events or programs designed to increase awareness of girls and ICT issues. Target audiences for these programs include students, teachers and parents/care givers;
  • seeks funding for a national Girls and ICT strategy for AWE;
  • works in partnership with other groups such as women in technology groups to develop a co-ordinated approach to Girls and ICT;
  • identifies and targets good practices in schools and publicises these through the AWE website, Redress, email lists, etc;
  • provides examples, resources and linkages on the AWE website.


Download the file

To find out more download AWE's Girls and ICT Policy.