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About AWE

AWE began as a coalition of primary and secondary teachers, representatives of government and non-government teacher unions, school administrators, tertiary educators and others committed to gender equity and the full participation of women and girls in education.

Check out this interesting article about our foundational period: A brief and very uncritical history of the AWE.pdf


A vibrant network of women, AWE achieves its goals through:



The Association encourages women to set up contact groups within their areas of interest or their regional location. The Executive facilitates this activity. Currently there are 21 Branches of the Association of Women Educators located throughout Australia. Ten members are required to establish a Branch. Contact the AWE office for a starter kit, or if you require further details.



The Association publishes a professional journal, Redress, and other literature which will help achieve the goals of the organisation. The Association’s publication Gender Up Front was published in 1997. Everyone is Special! A Handbook for Teachers on Sexuality Education was published in 1998.



The Association conducts an annual program of seminars and/or workshops on topics relevant to the goals of the Association, for the purposes of information dissemination and professional development.



The Association convenes a national conference every second year. Members are encouraged to attend and assist with the organisation of conferences which will provide a forum for discussion on matters relevant to the goals of the Association.


Curriculum/Policy Watch

The Association is proactive about scanning any new policies, curriculum initiatives and materials to ascertain their likely effects on matters relevant to the goals of the Association.


Working Parties

The Association establishes working parties as the need arises to respond to policies, to write submissions to reviews, and to formulate a plan of action on a specific topic.



The Association actively lobbies people/organisations in a position to influence outcomes on matters relevant to the goals of the Association.



The Association seeks representation on any decision-making body or organisation which is concerned with matters relevant to the goals of the Association.



The Association supports and conducts research into issues which are relevant to the goals of the Association, especially action research or action learning projects which are school-based.


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